just a cake

In 2020, ‘Just a cake’ was reborn as a piece by ‘controversy’

In 2020

 ‘Just a cake’ was reborn
as a piece by ‘controversy’

A cake that Jian Kwon started making with a baker because she wanted to give a special gift to the children every year. Among them, after watching my nephew play with playdow, the inspired cake is at the center of the controversy. The trolls launched an indiscriminate attack, saying they plagiarized the work of Jeff Koons. In the continued malicious comments, Jian Kwon released a video of eating the cake with an expressionless face and sends a message, “This is not a work to talk about because it is plagiarism, it’s just a cake to eat.” In fact, this video, called ‘just a cake, Seoul’, was a homage to ‘Burger, NY’ by New York pop artist Andy Warhol.

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In 2020
케이크 ‘논란’이 작품으로 재탄생한
‘just a cake’

작가가 매년 봉사하는 곳 아이들에게 특별한 선물을 하고 싶어 제빵사와 함께 만들기 시작했던 케이크. 그중 조카가 플레이도우로 노는 것을 본 후 영감을 받아 만든 케이크가 논란의 중심에 선다. 악플러들은 ‘제프 쿤스의 작품을 표절했다’며 무차별 공격을 쏟아냈다. 계속된 악플에 작가는 그 케이크를 무표정한 얼굴로 먹는 영상을 공개하며 “이건 표절이라 이야기할 작품이 아니라 그냥 먹는 케이크야”라고 메시지를 보낸다. 사실, ‘just a cake, Seoul’이란 이름의 이 비디오작업이야말로 뉴욕 팝아티스트 앤디 워홀의 ‘Burger, NY’을 오마주한 작업이었다.

Just a Cake, 180(W)x180(L)x240(H)mm, mixed media on marble cake, 2020_sign(2).jpg