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hyperism BLUE

If the theme of "Hyperism Red" is "Women's Wounds," then the series "Hyperism Blue" contains the artist's thoughts on social class. It is a work that expresses the depression and loneliness of people who start racing in life with "class" in music and art while asking the philosophical question of "what is a high class" while looking at social standards that cannot be free from the eyes of others.
"Blue" is the biggest feature of canvas's shape change. After the performance, the artist filled the text on the traces of paint left on the canvas. Through the maze of colorful fluorescent paints, you can see the endless desire and splendor of human beings living in a chaotic society, and modern people who are sick behind it. While working as a muse of the 62-year-old Bisfork brand "Rose Lisa" for a year, the artist experienced firsthand the different gaze and inner changes when wearing a suit and thought of an object suit symbolizing "class." The "Canvas," which was a flat work, was transformed into a "suit" and expanded the results into a formative form. It has expanded its scope of art by expanding its scope of music, art, dance, painting, performance, and fashion.
From a year of experiencing a change in suits to performance painting, auction, and canvas suit production, Happening symbolizing "Class" continued, asking everyone what "Class" means to our lives. In addition, the concept of what a truly meaningful life is is considered artistic.

<Artist’s Note>
The artificial fancy look is making us sick. Our livelihood is no longer a threat to us, but we have an obsession with being seen in social networking services. People's classes are decided according to the person's appearance value, the social position valued by the car's brand, the class symbolized by where they live, and how their delicate tastes are shown.
Accumulating wealth and enjoying it in a capitalist society has a standard of success. In our society which cannot afford even a niche in our hearts, the artist considered what is high-class.
Behind the stage of a splendid life, the flowing silence... Should solitude be borne solely by human beings? The class in the ‘LIKE’ world is divided into extreme expressions. What is the real class we have to raise, and even we try hard, how much instinctive loneliness we can fill... Sticking to fancy make-up, and also the social system that makes us cannot ignore that, the sight of others, the alarms of success moving away from the essence of human being, the human grade that is no different from the seal stamped on the pig's body and the dress that is faking as healing to fill the loneliness. Such a diseased inner ego is shunned.
What's your class?
“What is the best to upgrade our class?”

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