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Self Collaboration

The artwork series let the music be drawn on the canvas.

Singer Solbi and Painter Kwon Jian's Self-collaboration series comes from these two different identities’ co-operation creating artwork. It’s the process of letting the music be painted on the canvas that transforming music for listening to painting which is visual art. The artist is the first to compose a song and then to draw a picture with a gesture of performance instead of a brush. Performance is a pre-conceived choreography, not an impromptu act, that is practiced countless times and then performed on a canvas. This is possible because the writer was a 'K-pop idol' singer in the form of a military dance by a K-pop idol group, and the artist best-utilized her specialty.

The "self-collection" work helps the audience understand it by capturing the entire process in video and displaying the video with the artwork.



2015. 09. 04


black swan

2016. 03. 11



2016. 09. 04


Hyperism RED

2017. 05. 17


Hyperism BLUE

2018. 05. 19

Hyperism VIOLET 100x100cm Acrylic on can

Hyperism violet

2019. 05. 27

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