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NAME Kwon Ji-AN a.k.a Solbi

BORN 1984.09.30

​Kwon Jian (born September 30, 1984) is a South Korean artist who has been a female K-Pop singer since 2006 under the name Solbi and has shown various works such as painting, sculpture, installation, art, and video art.

Kwon Jian developed her flexibility by learning rhythmic gymnastics from childhood and worked as a member of the choir to learn the basics of dance and music. In middle school, she was part of a play and realized the expression of emotions on the stage, the transmission power, and the rhythmic movement. In high school, she majored in makeup art and laid the foundation for art. She formed basic learning as an omnidirectional artist through a variety of experiences and methods, not the approach of traditional learning. 

Kwon Jian made her debut as a vocalist of a K-pop mixed group 'Typhoon' in 2006 when she turned 22. She grew into a media star loved by the public by making her face and name known through various media, including topping the music chart rankings two weeks after her debut. However, she began to suffer from depression due to mental stress, feeling the gap between her life and the reality of the star she dreamed of, and overcame her slump by starting art in 2009 for healing purposes.

Kwon Jian boldly jumped into the art world by choosing her life as an artist to let the public know about this "good function of art" after experiencing that art is another means of expression and can be a spiritual cure for modern people.

She made her debut as an artist starting with her first solo exhibition in 2012, and in the beginning, she presented works on the back of people chasing after splendor under the theme of modern people's desire and appearances. She continued to work on her own creative work and expression, and in 2015, she transformed auditory artist music into visual art, called "Self-Collaboration (Kwon Jian x Solbi)" and presented the work for the first time. Named by Kwon Jian, "Self-Collaboration" collaborates with the musician "Solbi" who looks at the audience and sings, and the artist "Kwon Jian" who expresses the abstract world through a tool called paint. It is a comprehensive artwork that captures the composition of popular music, messages in the lyrics, and stories of dance draw pictures on canvas with lines and colors, and complete the work by cutting the traces left by flat paintings. It is also an original concept art that creates and delivers stories through music, video art, and performance.


Kwon's work continues with the popular concept of pop art from the 1960s to the present. The colorful stars created by the media consume images like manufactured goods and have vitality. Kwon Jian, who lived a life in the media, is good at drawing the attention of the public and the media and is good at issue-making, which leads to a vein of contemporary art that reduces the gap between the public and the audience like pop artists.

Starting with the concept of "Art is anything, anyone can do it," she talks about art as a domain of majors, the capital play of vested interests, healing functions of art, and contemporary social phenomena that are closer to our lives, not as a noble hobby. Her conceptual artistic behavior, which extends not only to pictorial expressions, but also to sculpture, installation, music, dance, theater, happening, and video art, is in line with the Fluxus spirit (originated from the Latin word "fluere" which means "flow" in the 1960s.

After moving to France in 2018 to broaden her artistic horizons, she interacted with local artists in Paris, London, and Barcelona, working and exhibiting together, and gaining experience as an artist. In October 2019, he was also selected as the only Korean artist to officially showcase his music, performance, and painting works at the 2019 La Nuit Blanche Paris, a large-scale contemporary art festival hosted by Paris. 

Her message that "Quality is more important to an artist than conditions, and one should implement it rather than coagulate one’s imagination," and all-around artwork strongly reflects the current situation in which freedom is more important than being trapped in the framework of the institution.



'Utopia No.1 White' Group Exhibition, Gallery Chiro, Seoul, Korea

'Soul Washing' Solo Exhibition, Gallery Now, Seoul, Korea

'Just a Cake - Piece of Hope' Solo Exhibition, Gallery Insaart, Seoul, Korea

Parade #Osan, Osan Museum of art,, Gyeonggi-do osan
Color of Life : Focus Art Fair exhibition, Saatchi Gallery, London UK
Color of Life : Focus Art Fair exhibition, Fold Gallery, London UK
Color of Life : Focus Art Fair exhibition, Fitzrovia Gallery, London UK


'Paradise-Capture of Ordinary' Special Exhibition, Vilaivilacola, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do


'2019 Nuit Blanche Paris', Cite Internationale universitaire, Paris

'2019 Gwangju Media Art Festival', Asian Cultural Complex, Gwangju

'Real Reality' Solo Exhibition, Insa Art Center, Seoul

'Kwon Jian X Banga' Street Dream Gallery, Paris, France


'Hyperism:Blue’ Showing Performance & Exhibition, vila vila cola, Yangju, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
'What's your Class', Installation exhibition, COEX, Seoul, Korea
'Hyperism:Red' Exhibition, Myungdong International Art Festival, Myung-dong L7 hotel, Seoul, Korea 'Sharing With U' Exclusive Exhibition, Jinsan Gallery, Seoul, Korea
‘Women's Rights in Modern Art - Sexual slavery Special’ Exhibition, Gallery youngtong, Gyeonggi-do Suwon
‘Women's Rights in Modern Art - Sexual slavery Special’ Exhibition, Dongtan Art Square, Gyeonggi-do Hwaseoung
‘Women's Rights in Modern Art - Sexual slavery Special’ Exhibition, Gunpo Cultyre & Arts center, Gyeonggi-do Gunpo
‘Women's Rights in Modern Art - Sexual slavery Special’ Exhibition, Namdong Sorae arts hall, Gyeonggi-do Incheon
‘Women's Rights in Modern Art - Sexual slavery Special’ Exhibition, Boeun Cultural Center, Chungnam Boeun


'Hyperism: Red’ Showing Performance & Exhibition, Gana Art Center, Seoul, Korea


'Black Swan' Showing Performance & Exhibition, AG Gallery, Seoul, Korea

Jikji Korea International Festival 'SNS World' Chungju Art Center, Chungju, Chungchungbukdo, Korea

Seoul Modern Art Show, 'Ji-AN Kwon Special Exhibition' Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea


'Day Dream' Showing Performance, 'Trace' Exhibition, Gana Art Center, Seoul, Korea


'Art Chem. The exhibition', Tsuruda Itziro Gallery, Kyoto, Japan 

‘Local Hope Exhibition' Atom space, Exhibition, Kim, Dae-Joong Convention Center, Gwangju, Korea


'Nu Happy Me' Medical Exhibition, Joongang Univ. Medical Center, Seoul. Korea


'Individual’s way watching the world ' La Field Pang Solo Exhibition, Seoul, Korea

'As the name of wants' Encore Solo Exhibition, Seoul, Korea

'LOVE+CHERISH+KEEP' Special Exhibition for pets and lost dogs, Seoul, Korea



'As I am whatever people say'


'Body Secret'



Digital Single 'Tears in the Rain'




HYPERISM Series 1st 'HYPERISM RED', Mini Album

Digital Single ‘How about you

Solbi X Real Smell Digital Single ‘Glove with hands together’


Digital Single ‘BLACK SWAN'

Digital Single 'Get Back'

Digital Single 'FIND' (Soundtrack of the project FIND-Finding missing children)


VIVIS (Solbi X KIM, Kyung-in) ' Trace' Mini Album

Digital Single ‘To Us’,’ The first love’


Ji-An Kwon 1st Album 'I’m 31 like fresh ice-cream '

Digital Single 'Love is the only thing that I need'


Digital Single 'None'


Solbi 2nd album 'Solbi is Ottogi’ mini album

Album 'Goodbye Typhoon'

2009 Single ‘Punished’

2008 Solbi 1st album 'Do it'


Typhoon 1.5th album ‘Waiting’

Typhoon 2nd regular album ‘Travel’


Typhoon (Korean mixed hip hop group) Debut

Typhoon 1st regular album ‘Troika’




2019 Korea First Brand Grand Prize, Artainer department



MBC MBC Broadcast Entertainment Award, Music talk show, Female, Silver prize



Korea Society Donation Award, Talent department, Grand prize


SBS Broadcast Entertainment Award, Best Entertainer prize

MBC Broadcast Entertainment Award,

Special Prize, Best Brand

MBC Broadcast Entertainment Award, Show Variety Department, Silver prize


Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Great Rookie Album (Typhoon)

The 40th Singer’s Day, Role model of singer (Typhoon)

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