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Self Collaboration

Self-collaboration is a method of capturing coincidences, instant waves, and winds through the combination of formless music and planned dance through the artist's gestures.​

Music, the first work of painting in the "Self Collaboration" series, is the most important material for art. She then draws pictures by using her body as a tool instead of a brush. The artist makes the work portray with repetitive performance practice and carefully planned coincidence. Everything before the performance takes into account the improvisations of long-planned but unexpected moments.

Kwon Jian mixes various genres of art, creating confusion and prejudice that both the artist and the audience feel, and happening, a theatrical factor at the center. All the processes and results that sound, time, space, phenomena, and movements are shown and felt are one big canvas, and they say that "art is a self-portrait of the times." Therefore, Kwon Jian's art is showing a trend of de-genus, anti-cultural movements, and transformations that do not set any norms by inheriting the spirit of Fluxus (an international group of avant-garde artists formed in the late 1960s).

Living at the center of the media as a star consumed through the media, she not only makes herself an artistic language but also another self in the public, crossing between the characters that the public wants and the characters they want to show. 

Through the gap between idealism and realism and unconscious self, she continues to work in various genres by showing excellent SQ (Spiritual Quotient). Like the characters in the game, it can be seen as variations of various egos. 

Kwon Jian's various egos are referred to as one work due to the combination of all artistic acts and results shown in the media. It is contemporary art that helps the audience become the subject and participate in the work through various phenomena occurring in the cyber world, and thus find the source of art.


Five years ago, as a singer, I... 

Music that I can do well, art that can express my deep unconsciousness, the work that I wanted to do to explode the energy, the living things and the various egos that exist in them, the various selves that are not defined as one person, are recognized and collaborated and recorded as a result.

This is why we do self-collaboration.


We call the other side of me a multiple personality, or persona. Now, the phenomenon is not just wearing different masks and having different personalities, but it is living together by collaborating with other self. the boundaries between online and offline, commercial and pure art in the New Media Age.  Acknowledging myself living in confusion at the center of it and finding a true me recognizes my various selves and makes them a bond, self-collaboration in the multiplayer era is no longer an option but a necessity.


Hyperism RED

2017. 05. 17


Hyperism BLUE

2018. 05. 19


Hyperism VIOLET

2019. 05. 27

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