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The second self-collaboration series, "Black swan," is an artwork of two different identities – Solbi & Kwon Jian who share one body but have separate egos that are integrated into a canvas. After agonizing over the formative expression of her numerous self-portraits, Kwon drew images of various angles reflected in the mirror cube.
Kwon repeatedly expressed Black Swan's desire for pure appearance and desire, performing a dance reminiscent of white swan and black swan inside a cube connected with 20 square mirrors. Through this performance, traces of paint were left on the mirror, and the traces were embodied in the form of lines. The images and mirrors that are reproduced infinitely in the mirror are separated, and when a piece is hung flat on the wall, the effect is to make the audience look at themselves. 

Kwon wanted her image in the mirror cube of "Black Swan" to be effectively conveyed to the audience, and for this, she used a 360-degree camera to maximize expression. Thanks to this, viewers can see the work in three dimensions. With the support of Samsung Electronics, it was able to bring together the best producers to showcase new images and was created as an art video that transcends the existing music video.

<Artist's Note>
Everyone lives with different looks. 

Most people's lives may be a form of keeping norms according to the structure created by society and controlling their instincts with reason. However, sometimes it can be changed from a noble figure like a priest to a murderer, and a woman who loves only one man becomes a prostitute. I've been trying to unravel the confusion about these different selves in my own way at some point. It distinguishes life as a scholar from life as a scholar.


I have a life as Kwon Jian, a member of an ordinary family, Kwon Jian, a painter who expresses her philosophy in the language of painting, and Solbi, who needs the popularity of the public as a celebrity and musician and lives in interest. As these three egos collide, every day, tremendous spiritual experiences and inner meanings are established, and I myself am so confused about which is the true self. This may not be just my own story, but all of us. In other words, isn't it like a portrait of modern people living in this era?


I wanted to work on three different egos that I had that could be integrated into one. If the language of music that I have been doing for a long time was to heal and sympathize with people a little more, the agony of how to express small reflections gained through the time of difficulties and trials in me is drawn as a formative art.


It is my heart to prepare for this exhibition to find such a collaboration between music and art, Solbi and Kwon Ji-an. It is also hoped that the process and outcome of establishing an identity called me regardless of any other genre of art will be another function and meaning that can define and talk about this era.

I go on another trip looking for myself with excitement, what kind of subject I will be portrayed as, starting with the premise of "joint between different selves."

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