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Ji-AN Kwon has included ideas about the metal type "Jikji" of the past and the modern social networking service (SNS), which is a window for the spread of information. The artist recognized that if Jikji, the world's largest metal active capital, was the seed of information proliferation in the past and SNS is the platform of the modern information age. It pointed out the social phenomenon of SNS, which creates fictional characters and situations by expanding rumors, and was translated into conceptual art through large-scale installation works and video art. From the perspective of celebrities Solbi and Ji-An Kwon, who live in the social media world, the artist asked, "Is SNS the fruit of good and evil of this era?" It is a artwork that shows the pain of her suffering from rumors spread on social network and cyber bullying. In particular, Ji-AN Kwon tested the ripple effects of social networking services by spreading rumors that she is getting married. Although it was soon published and ended with a happening but "Marriage of the solbi" was exposed to popular search keywords at the famous portal sites showing how rumors were created.

<Artist's Note>
A new world of social networking services (SNS) suddenly appeared like a comet. I am living as the self of two celebrities and ordinary people, and my confused self has been the motif of my art work. From some point on, the two egos confused me psychologically, and this condition was similar to the fantasy-filled reality created by the SNS era, not just me, and I think the ultra-realistic era of crossing reality and virtualization has come close.
In the meantime, I thought about Jikji, and looked at the current address that SNS, entertainers, and the current internet world make. The world is openly showing the human side that the gap between falsehood and truth is constantly confusing us, and the truth is becoming increasingly distant and trying to judge and grasp people only by their superficial appearances.
Looking at the myriad events taking place in recent SNS, it does not matter what is true or false, and sincerity is disappearing.
We create another fantasy character that we dream of, and we can't tell whether we're real or fake, and we're losing our true selves. Think about it.
Is the SNS world a satisfaction for others or for me? 
I want to find the real golden seed that's inside together.

연합뉴스 <직지코리아>
연합뉴스 <직지코리아>
OSEN <직지코리아>
OSEN <직지코리아>
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