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It’s the first work of Kwon Jian's "Self Collaboration" series, which was released at the Gana Art Center in Seoul in 2015. Kwon Jian shared her emotions through music and expressed them through gestures. These gestures were left as a trace through paint which she used as a tool on the stage of a canvas. She participated in the whole process of making the music and performance, attempted a new form of art by combining music and paint for the first time through the work of "DAYDREAM."

<The Artist's Note>

When I was young, I dreamed of becoming a singer with only passion and will. After 10 years of living as a singer, I am now dreaming of becoming an artist.

As young as others, I did not learn music and painting professionally, nor did I take the elite course of studying abroad. Nevertheless, with my ignorance and bravery, I was able to introduce myself as an artist: expressing something in a painting.


​I started art by writing on a diary which made me find the agony of creation interesting. As I wrote down in a diary, I repeatedly thought about the subject "I" based on my desire to produce great paintings, and I felt confident that I could draw it better than anything else. As a result, I found that this confidence and producing art is the driving force of my life.

When I was young, I thought it was a shame that the bubble of my own world was strong. Such thoughts made me feel left out in my family or in society, and I was busy wrapping up what I wanted to hide by myself after a long lonely and empty time. However, it was very difficult and awkward to live on the wrapper of the glamour that I forced myself to wear. 

Art that I used to find myself in a stiff life was another window to meet myself, and through the process, I want to say that finding myself, the things I didn't know, the past and the traces of me, the outcome of my past, is the courage that I live for and also a trace that I'm going to be left with even after I die.

I share emotions through music and express them through gestures. Those gestures are left as traces through a tool called paint on the stage called canvas. Listening to my music, I practice the choreography set for the music, and try pop art through planned choreography and improvised acting.

The dances and songs I've been doing, and the passion I've poured out as a child, are drawn into other forms of behavior in a space called canvas, and I would like to call these paintings "pop abstractions," which add abstract expressions and modern approaches that only I can do.

Coincident colors created purposely on stage called canvas. I hope this exhibition will convey my earnest desire to communicate with someone through music and art.

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