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hyperism red

Kwon Jian began working on a social topic from subjective self to objective self, starting with her work "SNS World" in 2016. 

Thus, the work of the color series Red, Blue, and Violet began, which defined hyperism (a newly coined term that defines the relative deprivation and depression of modern people due to excessive fantasy information online). The first red is the life of a woman who is hurt. Through grotesque performances, the life of a suffering woman living as physical and social weak was portrayed starkly and performed twice in total. 

The first was presented at the Gana Art Center, the center of Korean art when the artist experimented with the commercialization of social women, which is judged by images and superficial things, and the consequent phenomena of distortion and prejudice. She also invited only media and reporters to the scene as a spectator and watched the movie, pointing out the way our society views women and the media and media viewpoints, and retracing the horrible women's human rights.

The second performance was tested on a public music broadcast (KBS Music Bank).
Kwon Jian has been working as a singer since 2006 under the nickname Solbi, and through the media, she has felt for a long time as a pop musician, faced negative aspects of K-Pop culture in terms of beauty standards, stagnant pop-culture diversity, and uniform patterns. 

She also asked questions about the nature of art, showing one identical performance piece on different music stages and art spaces. 

It was a happening that made the audience think about the ambiguous gap between commercial and pure art, show and art, and through it, they talked about the expansion of the genre and art. 

Red performances and video art spread throughout the world online and have become a hot topic for many artists and art officials not only in Korea but also abroad. In recognition of this, she was selected as one of the 30 contemporary artists in the world at the 2019 contemporary art festival La Nuit Blanche Paris hosted by Paris, France, and presented her works there.


<Artist’s Note>
Most of the world's history was written by men, and there were countless women behind those who made their names known to the world, but most of the women were written as footnotes of that history.
A man seeks wealth and honor, and constantly war for the body and mind of a beautiful woman. As a result, women, who are physically and socially weak, are exposed to the dangers of numerous wars and aspire to be beautiful as a means to protect themselves. Beauty is a woman's important weapon and means to improve the quality of life as well as to protect herself.
However, as a woman, I can't completely erase the wounds I received. I hope and hope that every injured woman's life to be a beautiful red flower with more noble values than anything else.
Black means wounding, red means resurrection, white covering traces of black and red means healing and covering wounds. However, canvas, which cannot be covered with white no matter how hard it may be, means the life of a woman who lives with such wounds. The sound of the shutter in the video means bystanders who view their wounds with indifference. 
"A wound can be covered, not erased."

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